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The Institute for Missional Formation (IMF) prepares men and women in our congregation to take their place in God’s mission in the world. You are invited to participate in this work by joining a Formation Cohort.


What is a Formation Cohort?

A Formation Cohort is a year-long commitment to establishing rhythms of spiritual and missional practices within the context of biblical community. Each cohort consists of 15-20 individuals who commit to quarterly retreatsmonthly video calls with a small group, and short weekly spiritual practices. Together, cohort participants – often working in smaller groups of 5 to 6 people – work to discern and strengthen each other’s unique purpose in the kingdom of God.

What to Expect

The structure of a Formation Cohort is designed for growth and renewal, not to tax already burdened schedules. This year-long experience was created from the conviction that transformation occurs through spiritual practice and community. A Formation Cohort will contain little theological instruction or teaching, but trained mentors will lead you to experience a multitude of rich spiritual practices that you will then learn to adapt to your own life rhythm. 

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“If someone told me to spend a year growing spiritually, I don’t know that I would’ve anticipated it being a fun project. But the past several months have been wonderful. I’ve benefited from closer Christian community; I’ve developed more of a longing to know Christ and feel much more comfortable in my prayer life, too. To go through a purposeful process for growing spiritually has been absolutely wonderful. It is a wonderful chance to meet people, deepen relationships and learn to better serve Christ in your daily life.”
Megan Poore

"Participating in the cohort has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I’ve learned a variety of spiritual practices that I can now use to enhance my daily walk with Christ. I’ve also been exposed to some different techniques in approaching Bible study that I’ve found to be very helpful. Most of all, I’m enjoying being on the journey with a group of amazing people that make this cohort experience come alive with joy and love. I wholeheartedly endorse the program for everyone."
- Chuck Volk


Participating in a Formation Cohort is a big decision. Covenant members thinking about joining a cohort have several questions. We've created a list of those most frequently asked. 

When are the retreats?

The four (4) retreats are mandatory. The first two are at a nearby (up to a two-hour drive), but out-of-town location and last for 2½ days. The latter two are at Covenant. We have two cohorts, each with specific retreat dates. Those interested must pick one group and attend all the retreats for that group. Dates for the 2021 cohorts have not been released. 


Can I mix and match my retreats from cohort to cohort?

No. You will meet with the same cohort of people every time.

What is the cost of the cohort experience?

The cost is $250 to offset retreat costs and other materials.

I selected my dates. Does that mean I’m part of the cohort?

No. We need to ensure that we have three cohorts of 15-20 people each. Your preferences will be noted and we will try to accommodate them. However, we may not able to grant every request.

Are there assignments in between retreats?

In between retreats, cohort participants have monthly video calls with their small group, and short weekly spiritual practices.

Can I bring my baby and/or my pet?

No. Retreats are adult only (21 and up). Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate children or pets. 

I have some additional questions. Who can I talk to for more information?

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