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About Realm

When you sign up for a Realm account, you’ll be able to:

  • Message with groups and teams at Covenant
  • Connect with others through a secure online directory
  • Manage your giving and print contribution statements
  • Update your personal information
  • Register for upcoming events

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Realm, you have complete control over who can see your information. Your contact information will not be public or searchable on the internet. Any information you choose to make visible to our church family will be protected behind a login.

Authorized staff at Covenant Presbyterian will have access to your profile information, and these staff members are held to strict confidentiality agreements.

By default, your contact and personal information is visible to the entire church membership, as it would be in a church directory. This includes name, address, phone numbers, email, and birthday.

To limit what information people can see, visit your account settings to make changes.

Please note that if you are a group leader or event host, certain contact information may be visible.

For safety reasons, children under 13 may not participate and will not be able to sign in.

Sharing contact and personal information for children under 18 is also limited. As a parent, you’re in charge of determining whether to display your child’s name in the church directory.

In Realm, you can choose the following privacy settings:

  • Everyone: This allows each person in our church to see the profile information you’ve made visible to everyone.
  • My Groups + Church Leaders + Staff: This default setting allows information to be shared only with the people you are directly involved with at church.
  • Group Leaders + Church Staff: Use this setting to keep some profile information accessible only to group leaders or staff.
  • Church Staff Only: This setting removes you from the church directory. Your information will only be available to authorized church staff.
  • Custom Privacy: Choose different privacy levels for specific personal information. You can customize these levels while editing your profile information or managing privacy settings.
  • Family Privacy: Family members designated as “Head” or “Spouse” can change privacy settings for other family members and also opt them in to or out of the church directory. Birthdays are required for children as a means to prohibit access, but it’s up to you to decide whether birth dates are shared with our church family.