Covenant Foundation 

One generation commends your works to another… Psalm 145:4

The Covenant Presbyterian Foundation was formed in 1998 with the mission to build a sustainable legacy for Covenant Presbyterian Church. By donating to the Foundation, members leave a gift that lasts beyond their lifetimes to further the Kingdom, fund our missions and spread the gospel to future generations.

Since our Foundation aims to support the church for future years, your contribution is important. Some of the ways to support the Foundation include:

  • Members leave a bequest to the Foundation in their wills
  • Members switch all or part of a beneficiary designation of their insurance policies or individual retirement accounts (IRA’s) to the Foundation
  • Members request memorial contributions to the Foundation in lieu of flowers when a loved one passes

From buildings to Bibles, the Covenant Presbyterian Foundation has contributed significant funds for many important needs at the church. For example, the Foundation has helped relieve mortgage debt to benefit the church and stands ready to continue to assist on large and small projects.

How to Donate

Covenant wants to have your full confidence throughout the process of planning your bequests. If you are interested in discussing this process, please contact Covenant Administrator Duane Dube to schedule coffee with one of the Foundation trustees. If you are ready to list the Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate, Duane can share the Foundation’s EIN and anything else you may need.

Tips for Saving Solid Financial Foundations

Another goal of the Foundation is to educate and empower Covenant members by providing financial education. about the best ways to save for their future. Through a series of informational articles written by experts in their fields, the Foundation provides information about retirement and end-of-life planning, charitable giving and more.


Trustees serve Covenant Presbyterian Foundation by praying for Covenant, serving as faithful stewards and teaching others about the foundation. Our trustees serve three-year terms.

The Board of Trustees

  • Megan Poore, Chair
  • Elizabeth Christian, Vice Chair
  • Larry Faulkner, Treasurer
  • Everard Davenport, Finance Committee
  • Helene Maham, Finance Committee
  • Scott Ream, Finance Committee
  • Kristin Schell, Education Committee
  • Duane Dube, Staff, Ex-Officio
  • Rev. Dr. Thomas Daniel, Senior Pastor, Ex-Officio

Latest Foundation News

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