Covenant 6th grader Cadalyn Burris is a writer! Below is her amazing short story/poem about sand and glass and the things we become. If you are interested in submitting an article or poem for Covenant’s blog, email us at .

Sand Glass
I am a grain of sand.
A beautiful grain of sand.
I am magnificent.
I live in a colony of sand.
Some have seen the world and traveled the ocean.
Some have only just been broken down from the Mother Rock.
But still, everyone has a story to tell.


Some sands scream; at this point in time, not being able to move without the sea’s help is a problem.
Some sands are frozen in fear.
I stare at the wall of dancing flames.
Why has it come?
Then I see.
Sand fusing together
Sand succumbing, surrendering


I try to fight the fire, but my will is nothing to battle its might.
I lose.
I am glass.
I am part of a sheet of glass.
Green glass.
We are hauled away.
Colored blue.
I’m not natural anymore.
Chopped to pieces.
Why me?
Why sand?
Why are they hacking us apart?
At least I’m moving.
Lead is brought in.
The lead is shaped.
Then, my glass neighbor is stuck to the lead.

Oh no.

Take me back to the ocean!
Make me sand again!
Don’t stick me to the lead!
But, again, my will is overpowered.
Other shards of glass are stuck.
We are sold to a building with a cross on it.
I am part of a stained glass window.
I am glorious.