Pledge Sunday

OCTOBER 1, 2023

A Spiritual decision with financial impact


When we come together, our giving can impact the world in far greater ways than if we just give money away on our own. At Covenant, your giving has created an environment for a vibrant and growing church in central Austin to reach new people with the Gospel, to be a part of transforming lives for the poor and those on the margins of society, and to see our city change in ways for which our neighbors are noticing and giving thanks. The call to generosity is a command for all Christians. To answer that call in community allows us to make a difference in a way that is not possible when we act alone. As we discern what God’s call will look like in the coming year, we request your support. Please prayerfully consider your commitment to our 2024 budget and submit your pledge using one of the three options outlined below.

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Ways to Pledge

Pledge Online

Submit your pledge online using our easy Realm form.

Pledge by Email

Email your pledge to Duane Dube, Covenant Administrator.

Pledge Cards

Drop off your pledge card on Sunday morning or send it in the mail