The Institute for Missional Formation, or IMF, prepares men and women from Covenant to take their place in God’s mission in the world. A key way that we do this is through Formation Cohorts. Covenant’s first cohort, a trial run that Covenant’s three pastors as well as three of our members journeyed through with two other churches, was launched in fall 2017. Currently, three more cohorts of 20 people each are participating in the yearlong program. We are inviting you to be part of our Formation Cohorts that will begin in January 2020. Learn more here. 

Covenant’s belief is that transformation occurs through spiritual practice and community. As a member of a Formation Cohort, you commit to a year-long experience. During that time, you participate in quarterly retreats, monthly video calls with your small group and short weekly spiritual practices. Cohort members work together with the entire 20-person cohort, and in smaller groups of 5 to 6 to establish rhythms of spiritual and missional practices within community.

Covenant member Susie McCalem is participating in the cohort journey now. She is enjoying her experience. “After visiting with cohort members from the past year, I could see that this invitation would be an opportunity for growth and new awareness in my Christian walk,” she said. “The retreats were a highlight to meet new amazing friends that would inspire me. I also cherished the silent time to spend with God in scripture, prayer, and discipline to listen.  Our assignments have given me direction to see where God is leading me to be His servant.  Most of all, I have learned gratitude and joy for each day in my relationships.”

Are you interested in being part of our next Formation Cohorts? Find more information, participant testimonials and videos, get answers to frequently asked questions and express your interest here