Fostering Hope at Covenant

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Fostering Hope is an organization dedicated to helping area churches provide ministry through fostering, adopting, and related support.

We believe Covenant is called to step into this need and are proud to announce our partnership with Fostering Hope. Fostering hope at Covenant is our Foster, Adopt and Support Ministry. We are an in-house ministry of Covenant that stands ready to help those interested in Fostering discern that call. We also are training our congregation in how to best love and support these foster families. If. you are interested in this ministry, please contact Whitney Bell.

Coming Up:
Babysitting Certification Training

Saturday, February 4th
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
This training is for those who are 21+ and looking to offer short-term childcare (up to 72 hours) for licensed foster families in the Greater Austin area. We will cover two key objectives:
  1. Trauma-Informed Care for Babysitting, Administering Medications, and Safe Transportation.
  2. CPR/First Aid Certification Training.
Both learning objectives are required to receive your certification. Covenant is covering the fee to attend this course, but you must register using the link below.
As of January 2022, our region had 976 children waiting for adoption.
68% of Children removed from homes in Travis County are placed outside of our region due to lack of available homes.
Travis County needs 217 additional foster and adoptive homes to meet this need.
Whitney Bell


Need help finding more information about Fostering Hope at Covenant? Contact Whitney Bell,  Covenant’s Director of Mission.