More than 200 people came out to lend a hand at Covenant’s 2019 Day of Service. All the volunteers served with one of our four mission partners, Community First!, Street Youth Ministry (SYM), Austin Voices for Education and Youth (AVEY) and Texas Reach Out Ministry.

“We made a lot of changes to our Day of Service,” said Mission Director Whitney Bell. “Our goal was to introduce our members to our city partners and take our congregation deeper with these four partners. This day enabled us to hear about needs in our city and learn about our mission partners. Now, we hope that the folks who came out, and others, will take the next steps toward involvement in these amazing organizations.”

Senior Pastor Thomas Daniel said that change can be hard, but Covenant’s Mission Committee made it work. “The great thing about the new format of our Day of Service was that Whitney and her team were able to articulate the ‘why” of the changes. That way, Covenant folks could appreciate the change. We’ll hopefully see some traction with our partners.”

Whitney was grateful for the day and excited for what lies ahead. “Our city partners very much appreciated serving alongside so many members and friends,” Whitney said.

“We were asking the Lord to turn our hearts toward our city,” she said. “Now, we’ll watch to see if this leads to more fruit with these partners.”

Learn more about our partners and find ways to sign up and continue the good work we began on Saturday here. If you have any questions about how to take these next steps with our partners, contact Whitney.