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(Book of Order Sections G-2.0401)

Ruling elders and deacons are men and women elected by the congregation from among its active members. The nomination and election of ruling elders and deacons shall express the rich diversity of the congregation’s membership and shall guarantee participation and inclusiveness. Ruling elders and deacons shall be nominated by a committee elected by the congregation, drawn from and representative of its membership. When elections are held, full opportunity shall always be given to the congregation for nominations from the floor of the congregational meeting by any active member of the congregation.


The role of the Session (the body of Elders) is to supply spiritual leadership and governance of the church. The Session’s primary responsibilities include vision-casting, establishing policies, setting and overseeing the church budget, overseeing church programs, and input on key hires as necessary.

Elders should have the gifts of wisdom, courage, prayer, maturity of faith, a compassionate spirit, and a commitment to Covenant Presbyterian Church and all of its programs and membership.

  • Commit to prayer and spiritual growth in your own life 
  • Three-year commitment
  • Monthly meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.
  • Serve as a liaison to one of the committees of Covenant Presbyterian Church
  • Attend at least one Presbytery meeting per year
  • Help with baptisms, serve communion, receive new members, be present at congregational meetings, give occasional Sunday morning announcements



The role of the Diaconate (the body of Deacons) in the church is to care for the congregation with full support from other Deacons and Associate Pastor Jill Williams. Covenant deacons ensure that members of our church family receive the care, support and encouragement needed for facing life’s challenges. A deacon, as defined in scripture, is a person of sympathy, witness, and service in the example of Jesus Christ.

Deacons should have the gifts of compassion, mercy, encouragement, and faith. A deacon will be expected to serve his or her care group through frequent contact, as well as increased assistance during times of need, such as through hospital visits. Our deacons further recognize significant celebratory milestones, such as baptisms, in the lives of our congregants.

  • Commit to prayer and spiritual growth in your own life
  • Three-year commitment
  • Monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.
  • Serve as a deacon for a care group of approximately 30 congregation members
  • Stay in touch with care group members and be available in times of need



Characteristics for Covenant Foundation Trustees:

  • An active member of Covenant Presbyterian Church
  • A spirit of Christian service to the Lord
  • A commitment to Covenant Presbyterian Church and to its programs and membership
  • An interest or expertise in one of the following areas:
    • Investments
    • Stewardship
    • Publicity / Education
    • Planned Giving Programs
    • Evaluation of Charitable Grant Request

Committee assignments are made yearly. Officers serve on the Executive Committee and all trustees serve on either the Finance or Education Subcommittee. 

The prayerful and thoughtful engagement of Covenant members is needed in this important process of discerning the elected leadership of our congregation.

CNC Nominations are due October 18, 2021


Congregational Nominating Committee 2020-21


Staff support

  • Maureen Crawley, administrative support
  • Thomas Daniel, pastoral support
  • Jill Williams, pastoral support


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