Clerk’s Report, June 2015

May is the month when the Session class changes, and Clerk of Session Melanie Williamson has rolled off Session with the rest of the class of 2015. I’m Clark Weatherby, a member of the class of 2017 now serving as Clerk. As I am in my second consecutive Session term, I had the honor of serving with the 2015 class for their entire term. Praise be to God for the gifts and time that Don Davis, Evangeline Herring, Chuck Ruesink, Melanie Williamson and Cindy Young selflessly shared over the last three years! Extra thanks to Melanie for the work she did as Clerk through an extended interim period, a time with no senior pastor and shepherding our new senior pastor. She handled the job with great skill and grace, and leaves a well-functioning Session and very large shoes to fill!

In our April meeting, we had the privilege of examining 23 high school students who had just completed confirmation class, and were ready to make a public declaration of faith and join Covenant. This “exam” is a blessing for elders, as we get to hear how God is working in the lives of our youth. Whitney Bell, associate director for Student Ministries, reported on the mission trip the youth took to Belize.

Also in April, we approved worship schedules for summer and fall. Starting June 28,  we will have three services, 8:15 (communion), 9:30 (traditional) and 11 (contemporary). On Aug. 30, we resume four services with a slight modificaton: 8:15 (communion), 9:30 and 11 (traditional) and 11:10 (contemporary). The contemporary service’s later start allows more time for a single pastor to be present in all services.

At our May meeting, we welcomed the class of 2018 onto Session. The new members are: Matt Dow, Kelly Dwyer, Jack Kern, Regina Schlotter and Sharyn Westmoreland. We spent our monthly prayer and devotional time to hear a bit more of each elder’s story. Please be in prayer for our new members.

As both a welcome to the new elders and a review for the others, and to define a common ground among three classes, we discussed how we can be most effective as a Session. We look forward to working as a team with pastors and staff on the tasks that lie ahead!

While giving this year has significantly increased, we are still approximately $115,00 behind on pledges. Careful spending by our committees has kept us in the black, but as we head into summer with vacation schedules and generally lower attendance, please make sure you are current on your pledges. These funds are essential as we continue to love our neighbors as ourselves, allowing us to reduce our debt by nearly $8,000 a month while directing the same amount each month to our mission partners.

Grace and peace,

Clark Weatherby