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We’re so glad you’re joining us.


Worship Online

Join us for worship each Sunday, available at 9 a.m. and anytime after. 

We invite you to use this service for worship wherever you are so that we may still be together. The Holy Spirit unites all of us together in one heart, mind, and faith (Ephesians 4.4-6) no matter where we are. 

Worship Online


Connect with us

Things are a little different right now as we navigate how to handle worship and programming at Covenant without meeting on our campus.



Get the kids involved

Each week in our worship service, we include an activity for kids. Our Children and Family ministry offers a weekly story and lots of ideas for at-home activities.  

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Reach out

Normally, we would contact you, but since we can’t meet on campus, it’s hard to learn about you. Our visitor and new member coordinator, Amy Skaggs, would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or would like to get to know us better, please email Amy. 

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