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My husband and I decided several years ago to use short phrases to describe our family values (family aspirations might be more accurate!). Creed and I, and our girls can all remember them, and they have become part of our family thought pattern. Given our kids ages, “See it, do it” means if you use the last paper towel, replace the roll. Or, if you see the dog is out of food, feed him.

Covenant’s Foundation has a similar philosophy. Our job is to support the church. The Foundation participates in helping the church to maintain a strong financial position; we fund extras that will improve the lives of Austinites and stand at-the-ready for the next task. Our “see it, do it” moment for 2018 was noticing that Covenant’s Sanctuary did not have a Bible for every seat. We wanted to change that. After going through several committees (the Foundation isn’t above Presbyterian law, you see), we were able to purchase 200 Bibles that will fill all those empty spots and will also leave the church with some extras on hand.

We could use your help with our mission. If you see something that needs to be done at Covenant, let us know. We may be able to assist! (Warning: There may be some committee meetings involved!)

One final request for your assistance: The Foundation is primarily funded by gifts from our members’ gifts estates. That is, many members remember the Foundation as part of their annual charitable giving practice; others include the Foundation in memorial announcements; and a good number of Covenant members leave money to the foundation via their estate plan. These bequests can be in the form of an insurance beneficiary or through a retirement plan (an IRA or 401(k)) beneficiary, as well. Please consider leaving a portion of your finances to the Foundation so we are in a position to “see it, do it” for decades to come.

by Megan Poore
Megan is a financial advisor at Lucien, Stirling and Gray Advisory Group, Inc. She is the chair of the Covenant Presbyterian Foundation.

For more information about Covenant Presbyterian Foundation, contact Duane Dube

Posted by Stephanie Schultz at 12:46 PM
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