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Belize Family Mission Trip

Covenant families travel together to our Belize Mission Trip. Our goal is to help bring resources into Belize and form a mutually beneficial relationship. We have partnered with a church, helped with after-school care and construction projects, and with a local hospice worker. Families are invited to travel with us. There are also different ways members can friends can help financially support this project.

Contact Billy Streu


Through our Cuba partnership, we develop long-term relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ at Luyanó Presbyterian Church in Havana, Cuba. Covenant members spend a week in Havana in the fall, and they begin planning their travel as early as February to ensure adequate time to obtain the necessary travel documentation. Covenant volunteers aim to create relational bonds with Luyanó church members. Covenant members also travel to Cuba to participate in special events like church anniversaries and Vacation Bible School. We seek volunteers to travel to Cuba, to contribute supplies such as over-the-counter medicines and baby goods, or to pray for those traveling. Click here for more info and applications.

Email Jack Kern or call (512) 454-9166.


Covenant has a strategic partnership with World Vision in the Tattaguine region of Senegal, West Africa. World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and communities tackle poverty. A key part of Covenant’s work is sponsoring children in the Tattaguine Area Development Plan. Through child sponsorships ($35 per month), about 200 Covenant families directly support 250 children and their families. Read about a special sponsorship here. Covenant also supports Tattaguine through school construction, water security, and medical and agricultural assistance. 

Contact Donna Vliet

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