Community Life Guide: Fall 2017

Solitude. Community. Service. These three practices are the cornerstone of how God wants us to be shaped and formed, and it is important to engage in all three. First, we need solitude—to pray and to pay attention to ourselves and God. Second, we need a community—a group of people that knows our true selves. Finally, we need to engage in service—to reach out to neighbors with helping hands, an act that improves their lives and our own.

Chances are that even at your best, you practice two of these well and avoid the other one completely. Maybe you feel uncomfortable sharing your life with others in community so you tend toward solitude and service. Or maybe you’re so busy serving others and investing yourself in your community that you rarely take time to pay attention to your own spiritual life. Whatever the case may be, our invitation to you is to examine your life and see how you might need to change to live a more balanced and intentional spiritual life.

The rule of life is one of the oldest practices in the Christian tradition to recover balance and intentionality. Go to for a complete guide to creating a rule for yourself. If you have never created a rule for your life, we invite you to begin there.

Every few months we will publish a new Community Life Guide to help you as you seek to practice solitude, community and service. In the following pages, you will find different opportunities to engage in these practices with the Covenant community.

Download the Community Life Guide, Fall 2017 here, or find it in the latest issue of Cornerstone!